Real values are not wealth and power, but the health of loved ones, fresh air, fertile land and, of course, pure water. The great microbiologist Louis Pasteur said: "With water, we drink 90% of our illnesses." How to protect human health? How to achieve ecological and effective treatment of drinking water? How to make a safe environment in which we and our children live? The answers are prompted by the story itself. 4000 years ago, people knew that water stored in silver jugs, acquires medicinal properties. It was protected during epidemics, given to sick people, used for washing wounds, so silver can rightly be called the oldest antiseptic.


Our company, in cooperation with the leading specialized institutes, continues to study the unique properties of silver and the prospects for its use, initiated by Academician L. A. Kulsky, who made a great contribution to the solution of tasks of water purification and protection of water bodies. Today this is especially important, considering that the quality of tap water causes serious fears of physicians and that many authoritative scientists and environmentalists demand a definitive ban on the use of chlorine for the disinfection of drinking water. At present, our team of scientists and chemical engineers is working to create a line of innovative products, taking into account the specifics of their application in the industrial sectors, the social sphere and the private sector.

I very much hope that the bactericidal and therapeutic properties of silver, which are actively used by Russia and the USA in orbital space stations, will find wide application in our lives as the most effective protection of human health and environmental safety.

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